Tagger Rack area, Racks T1-7 to T1-7

front view, click here to see the back view
MPOD minicrate HV/LV 4 sl.

- Crate or Cable Support
- Empty place
- Ventilator, Fan

T1, T1-7, MPOD minicrate HV/LV 4 sl.

Property Tag
Serial No
Brief functional description
n/a DI001626 0486010 WIENER Mpod MINI MPOD minicrate HV/LV 4 sl. WIENER Mpod MINI 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, max 10A; up to 3kW LV / 600W HV
00 DI001627 1786055 WIENER MpodC MpodC WIENER Mpod-Controller Interlock
1 DI001628 1387033 WIENER MPV8120 MPV8120 MPOD LV module 8 ch. 0...120V/100mA 50W/ch
1 DI0000333 0388015 WIENER MPV8008 MPV8008 MPOD LV module 8 ch. floating 0...8V/5A 40W/ch
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