GlueX Data Versions

Run Periods:

Data Type Revision CCDB Context Production Date Data Version String Software Versions JANA Config
mon ver01 calibtime=2023-01-03 2023-01-03 offmon_RunPeriod-2023-01_ver01 version_monitoring_incoming.xml jana_offmon_2023_01_ver01.conf
rawdata ver00 rawdata_RunPeriod-2023-01


Description of above fields:
Data TypeThe class of data: raw, reconstructed, simulated, or some special subset.
RevisionInteger corresponding to a pass through the data
CCDB ContextThe value of JANA_CALIB_CONTEXT, which specifies the version of calibration constants that were used
Production DateThe data at which processing of this data began
Data Version StringA unique string for identifying this data version. This is used in EventStore
Software VersionThe XML file that specifies the software versions used
JANA ConfigThe text file that specifies which JANA options were used

For detailed information on these values, see GlueX Note 3062