Detector Commissioning Simulations 02 Conditions


version management system fileversion_1.6.xml
CCDB SQLite filefrom 2015-06-28
JANA_CALIB_CONTEXT"variation=mc_6gev calibtime=2015-06-28"


  1. bggen command (hadronic events only): bggen
  2. hdgeant command: hdgeant
  3. mcsmear command: mcsmear -PJANA:BATCH_MODE=1 -PTHREAD_TIMEOUT=300 -PNTHREADS=1 hdgeant.hddm
  4. hd_root command: hd_root -PJANA:BATCH_MODE=1 -PTHREAD_TIMEOUT=300 -PNTHREADS=1 -PPLUGINS=danarest,TAGH_online,BCAL_online,FCAL_online,ST_online_tracking,TOF_online,monitoring_hists,BCAL_Eff,p2pi_hists,p3pi_hists,BCAL_inv_mass,trackeff_missing,TRIG_online $bfield_option hdgeant_smeared_${run}_${file}.hddm
    no field-PBFIELD_TYPE=NoField
    800 A-PBFIELD_MAP=Magnets/Solenoid/solenoid_800A_poisson_20150427
    1300 A-PBFIELD_MAP=Magnets/Solenoid/solenoid_1300A_poisson_20150330

JLab Farm Control Files

File TypeGenerationReconstruction
Submission File Templatedetcom_02.jsubdetcom_02_recon.jsub
Job Script Templatedetcom_02.cshdetcom_02_recon.csh

Run Numbers

Run number Magnetic Field Photon Spectrum Event Type Events/File # of Files
9301 None Incoherent bggen 30k 5000
9302 800A Incoherent bggen 30k 100
9303 1300A Incoherent bggen 30k 100
9304 None Coherent bggen 30k 100
9305 800A Coherent bggen 30k 5000
9306 1300A Coherent bggen 30k 5000
9311 None Incoherent beam 10M 5000
9312 800A Incoherent beam 10M 100
9313 1300A Incoherent beam 10M 100
9314 None Coherent beam 10M 100
9315 800A Coherent beam 10M 5000
9316 1300A Coherent beam 10M 5000

File Name Conventions

File TypeFilename Template
HDGeant output, unreconstructed, unsmeared (HDDM format)hdgeant_RRRRR_FFFFFFF.hddm
mcsmear output, unreconstructed (HDDM format)hdgeant_smeared_RRRRR_FFFFFFF.hddm
mcsmear output, unreconstructed (EVIO format)rawevent_RRRRR_FFFFFFF.evio

Configuration Files

setup_jlab.cshset-up script for farm environment at JLab
run.ffr.templatetemplate configuration file for bggen with place-holder strings for the number of events and for the random number seed. Note that you must do a "ln -s run.ffr fort.15" in the run directory for bggen to respect the contents of run.ffr. configuration file for hdgeant
gsr.plPerl script to replace place-holder strings in configuration files with actual values. Original file is overwritten. Backup is made first.
usage: <target-string> <replacement-string> <filename>
particle.datconfig file for bggen
pythia.datconfig file for bggen
pythia-geant.mapconfig file for bggen
check_monitoring_hists.pyscript for checking the output of the monitoring_hists plugin

Getting Configuration Files

To check out all of these configuration files (and the html source of this web page):
    svn checkout

Output File Location

Job Output Files

At JLab you can find the output files archived in the tape library. The location is /mss/halld/detcom/02. There are directories there, that contain output files for each job. Each output file type has its own directory: Use the "jcache" or "jget" commands to retrieve the files from tape.

Job Log Files

Standard output and standard error files from each job are in /work/halld/detcom/02/logs for raw data production and /work/halld/detcom/02_recon/logs for the reconstruction jobs. The run number and file number are encoded in the name. Note that a particular run-number/file-number may correspond to multiple jobs; you are probably interested in the latest one.

ifarm65 Standard Build

The latest stable build will be available on ifarm65. The environment can be setup by running:
source /group/halld/www/halldweb/html/detcom/02/conditions/setup_jlab.csh

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