Spring 2016 Data Simulations: sim1


version management system fileversion_1.15_jlab.xml
CCDB SQLite file/group/halld/Software/calib/ccdb_sqlite/ccdb_2016-01-07.sqlite


  1. bggen command (hadronic events only): bggen
  2. hdgeant command: hdgeant
  3. mcsmear command: mcsmear -PJANA:BATCH_MODE=1 -PTHREAD_TIMEOUT=300 -PNTHREADS=1 hdgeant.hddm
  4. hd_root command: hd_root -PJANA:BATCH_MODE=1 -PTHREAD_TIMEOUT=300 -PNTHREADS=1 -PPLUGINS=danarest,TAGH_online,BCAL_online,FCAL_online,ST_online_tracking,TOF_online,monitoring_hists,BCAL_Eff,p2pi_hists,p3pi_hists,BCAL_inv_mass,trackeff_missing,TAGM_online hdgeant_smeared.hddm"

JLab Farm Control Files

File TypeFile
Submission File Templatesim1.jsub
Job Script Templatesim1.csh

Run Numbers

Run number Magnetic Field Photon Spectrum Event Type Events/File # of Files
10000 1200 A Coherent bggen 25,000 15,000

File Name Conventions

File TypeFilename Template
HDGeant output, unreconstructed, unsmeared (HDDM format)hdgeant.hddm
mcsmear output, unreconstructed (HDDM format)hdgeant_smeared.hddm

Configuration Files

setup_jlab.cshset-up script for farm environment at JLab
run.ffr.templatetemplate configuration file for bggen with place-holder strings for the number of events and for the random number seed. Note that you must do a "ln -s run.ffr fort.15" in the run directory for bggen to respect the contents of run.ffr.
control.in_9001template configuration file for hdgeant (historical name)
gsr.plPerl script to replace place-holder strings in configuration files with actual values. Original file is overwritten. Backup is made first.
usage: gsr.pl <target-string> <replacement-string> <filename>
particle.datconfig file for bggen
pythia.datconfig file for bggen
pythia-geant.mapconfig file for bggen
check_monitoring_hists.pyscript for checking the output of the monitoring_hists plugin

Getting Configuration Files

To check out all of these configuration files (and the html source of this web page):
    git clone https://github.com/jeffersonlab/gluex_simulations
    git clone https://github.com/markito3/jproj

Output File Location

Job Output Files

At JLab you can find the output files archived in the tape library. The location is /mss/halld/gluex_simulations/sim1 There are directories there, that contain output files for each job. Each output file type has its own directory: Use the "jcache" or "jget" commands to retrieve the files from tape.

Job Log Files

Standard output and standard error files from each job are in /work/halld/gluex_simulations/sim1/logs. The run number and file number are encoded in the name. Note that a particular run-number/file-number may correspond to multiple jobs; you are probably interested in the latest one.

Standard Build

The environment can be setup by running:
source /group/halld/www/halldweb/html/gluex_simulations/sim1/setup_jlab.csh