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  • Hall D shift email list JLab email search page
  • If someone does not show up, contact the PDL. Required training Training status
  • Approval from Eugene is needed to change shift status (cancel/standby)
  • Someone must be present if the cryogenic target is full. We warn the target experts (Chris Keith & Chris Carlin) - usually with a text message - before emptying or filling it.
  • If the magnet is on, then someone should be in the counting house. If shifts are cancelled then the magnet can stay on if the hall in power permit or beam permit and the crew are instructed not to permit accesses without RC approval. Check with Eugene.

Harp scan extrapolation plots

  • The beam convergence is good enough if all 3 lines & shaded areas pass beneath the arrow at (195m, 0.5mm).

End of the week reports

  • Keep track of BANU time, will need to present it. Alexandre keeps track of the total % of time used and data collected. He will send on Wednesday morning the numbers used to fill the form below.
  • Summary for MCC 13:30 Wed
  • Accelerator beam time summary for the week (pie chart)
  • RC summary to be sent in an email to Eugene, cc Alexandre Deur (most ppl send them to the collaboration too). Alexandre adds them to the wiki page.
  • WAVE gui plot showing DAQ status and beam current for the last 24h

MCC busy times

  • Accelerator shift changes are nominally 7:30-8:30 am, 3:30-4:30pm, and 11:30pm-12:30am.
  • Please strictly avoid 8:00-8:15am, 4:00-4:15pm, and 12:00-12:15am when making non-emergency requests for beam delivery modifications. (from page 8 of this)

Escorted accesses

  • The most efficient way to set these up is to arrange to meet Radcon at an agreed time, and call MCC 15 minutes before that time to request power permit. Radcon people are usually available from 8am to 4-6pm.

The phone

  • It can be forwarded to your cellphone but there are big advantages to calling people from the RC phone, they recognise the caller ID.