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There is a program to make snapshots of various screens and to put them into the JLAB electronic logbook. If you have been taking shifts in Hall B, you should be familiar with it since I lifted it from Hall B. To take a snapshot, simply hit "Alt-L" on the keyboard (assuming that you are logged in as "hdops" on one of the consoles in the counting house) and wait for a small screen to pop up, see the attached picture of the GUI. Then you may want to fill out the following:

  • Fill in the title of the log entry
    This field is mandatory
    It already has the associate CODA run number at the launch time, you do not have to delete it. The run number will not change until the instance of the program is closed.
    Just fill the rest of the title of the log entry that you want it to have
  • Select one of the Hall D logbook names you want these snapshots to go
    You can only pick one logbook name for these entries
    The GUI initially picks HDLOG for you by default
  • If you need to notify someone, type his/her e-mail address in the "Email Notify" box
    You can type your username in the "Entry Makers" box
    The log entry will show up as submitted by the username that opened the snapshot GUI
    What you type here show up as the additional name in the ELOG indicating the "Entry Makers"
  • Your comments about the snapshots that you are submitting.

In order to add a screenshot, you need to hit the "Take Screenshot" button in the GUI that just opened. When you get a "cross" pointer, point that pointer to the window that you want to take a snapshot of, and left-click with the mouse. You can attach multiple snapshots to the same log entry. Each snapshot shows up as a tab in the "Screenshots" section of the GUI. The first tab will already be open when you start the GUI. To add the second screenshot, you click on the "+" button on the GUI to create a new tab, then hit "Take Screenshot" to take a picture. And so on. When you are done adding screenshots, hit the "Submit" button. If the submission is successful, you will see "Log #....... Submitted" message on the bottom of the GUI.

If "Alt-L" hotkey does not work for you, you can type "logbookEntry.sh" in the terminal if you are logged in as "hdops" user, and it should pop up the same GUI that "Alt-L" was supposed to open.

Hopefully, shift personnel uses this tool with discretion so that our logbooks do not get overpopulated with snapshots of various GUIs as a lot of variables in EPICS GUIs are archived and can be accessed through MYA.