Shift check-list

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Shift check-list
Date: (mm/dd)
Time (hh/mm, 24:00)
Your Initials
Beam Energy (GeV)
e- Beam Current (uA)
Radiator (RL)
Tagger current (A)/field(T)
Solenoid current (A)
Solenoid temperature ok? Record He Return pressure
Target type
Collimator aperture (mm)
All High Voltage ok? check box for BCal, FCal, CDC, FDC, TOF, ST, PS, TagM, TagH \Box \Box \Box \Box \Box
\Box \Box \Box \Box
\Box \Box \Box \Box \Box
\Box \Box \Box \Box
\Box \Box \Box \Box \Box
\Box \Box \Box \Box
All Rates ok? check box for BCal, FCal, PSC, PS, TAGH, TAGM, TOF \Box \Box \Box
\Box \Box \Box \Box
\Box \Box \Box
\Box \Box \Box \Box
\Box \Box \Box
\Box \Box \Box \Box
Live Time (%)
Trigger rate (kHz)
Trigger file/DAQ config.
Pair Spec. current (A)
Pair Spec. converter (RL)
Visual Halls Inspection
DAQ screens up
Epic summary screen up?
Alarm handlers up
Hall D electronic logbook up
MCC Epics monitoring screen up
Beam position on profilers OK? (upstrm/dwstrm)
BPM AD00 (tagger dump)
Quadrupole MQPAD00 on?
Event display ok?
Online monitoring screens up
Online monitoring histo ok? check box for BCal, FCal, CDC, FDC, TOF, ST, PS, TagM, TagH) \Box \Box \Box \Box \Box
\Box \Box \Box \Box
\Box \Box \Box \Box \Box
\Box \Box \Box \Box
\Box \Box \Box \Box \Box
\Box \Box \Box \Box
Ar Gas supply Bank left(psi)
Ar Gas supply Bank right(psi)
CO2 Gas supply Bank left(psi)
CO2 Gas supply Bank right(psi)
Alcohol Bubbler top (bubbles/level?)
Alcohol Bubbler bottom (bubbles/level?)
Screen-shot of Epics Overview screen posted on HDlog?
Check list printed and added to check-list binder?