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PLC HMI Screens

The expert HMI screens are served on and it can be accessed by two means.

Access locally on halldsc6

halldsc6 is located in the hall next to the magnet power supply. Log onto the machine using JLAB\halldusers account and run the FactoryTalk Client using the shortcut on the desktop.

Access through Remote Desktop serves as the Remote Desktop Server to access these screens. Right now, only ONE connection is allow at a time, so please quit the remote desktop if not needed. You can access them by using any Linux terminals in the Counting House: gluon01a, gluon02, gluon03, gluon04 and gluon5. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Open a terminal from any of the gluon machines.
  2. Start remote desktop in fullscreen mode by typing rdesktop -f halldsc7 in the terminal.
  3. In the Windows Log In screen, choose Other User, use JLAB\halldusers for username, ask Yi [1] or Hovanes [2] if you do not know the password.
  4. Once logged in, double click the FactoryTalk Client shortcut on the desktop, choose ...\Hall_D.cli application and click run to start the HMI screens.
  5. Once done, please log off the remote desktop. You can leave the screens running though.