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0000121: Change class structure of track reconstruction results.
The current class structure has become a little fragmented at the top level, and can be made simpler and more intuitive.

Although commonly used, neither DChargedTrack nor DPhoton are actually used in any way to create the DPhysicsEvent class. Instead, the particle information is stored as either DVertex::shower_info_t or DVertex::track_info_t objects. These objects are non-intuitive for final reconstructed objects, and most of their information is merely duplicated in the DChargedTrack and DPhoton classes.

Also, the reconstruction algorithm assumes that all of the showers in the calorimeters not matched to charged tracks correspond to photons, instead of allowing for the possibility of neutron detection (such as from lambda decay). This assumption is also implicit in the class structure, as there is no way of storing separate objects for different neutral track mass hypotheses.
Library reorganization performed, and and phys_tree updated; need to update hdview2, danaevio, and some other plugins.
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This is done now, isn't it?