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0000137Hall D OfflineGeneralpublic2011-09-21 15:522012-04-16 17:22
0000137: Update EVIO C++ package to vsn 4
Add vsn 4 features from Java EVIO vsn 4 to C++ package.
Carl has to rewrite the underlying evread()/evwrite() routines. Once these are done I will update the C++.
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2011-09-21 15:54   
I am introducing a user-supplied data dictionary into the C++ package. Once Carl delivers the built-in dictionary from evread() I will switch to that.
2012-01-31 17:01   
Reminder sent to: wolin

Has this been done already?
2012-01-31 17:03   
mistake correction
2012-04-05 16:49   
Carl has made many changes in moving to EVIO v4 format. He is just now done and ready to meet with me to implement the changes in C++.
2012-04-16 17:22   
I upgraded to V4. C++ should be compatible with the Java version. Haven't done extensive testing but everything passes my tests. I handed it off to CLAS as an alpha version.

Remaining possible upgrades include append mode, random-access I/O, dictionary checksum and other items, see comments at top of evioUtil.hxx.