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0000189: Install fibers between Telecom and Rack Rooms
Main connection between our switch and the JLab backbone networking system.
Originally was included in the 12GEV civil contract but got cut out. We may have to pay for it. Latest quote from Shields was over $8k.
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child of 0000187feedback wolin Install final networking system in counting house and hall 
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2012-01-27 10:49   
The online schedule is being updated to allocate enough money for fiber installations in the counting house itself. The activity line number is going to be 1531048.
2012-01-27 11:17   
From Hovanes:

We are adding 10K to the schedule, activity line 1531048. Hopefully, it gets approved, but we should wait for approval. We are not installing the switch right now anyway. Please, make sure it gets charged to "12CDAQ.12GEV" POA, with "Activity line 1531048" in the Notes for PR.
2012-02-08 15:42   
(edited on: 2012-02-08 16:14)
Dianne says no problem with getting fibers, few day installation. Brian says prior to installing the fibers we just need the Telecom rack installed, no need for power, and he prefers that the switch go in after the fibers.

2012-04-24 15:07   
Waiting for UPS to be installed, then for power distribution installation under the floor. Then we can move the racks in and install the fibers.
2012-06-05 11:41   
Waiting for counting house rack room power to be ready and racks installed, meanwhile we get temporary networking from the Telecom room switch.
2012-08-08 14:46   
Power and racks in Rack Room should be complete by early Sep. I contacted Bryan Hess and asked that he plan to install the fibers (and our network switch) in mid-Sep, assuming all goes well with the electrical and mechanical work.
2012-09-11 13:56   
Jason got a quote from Shields, $8k!!! Why so much?
2013-03-19 12:00   
This was completed a while ago.