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0000190: Design electronics and other inventory database
An inventory database of electronics and other components is needed by the configuration database, overall hall component database (IRMIS?), translation table system, etc. These efforts are currently proceeding independently, but eventuall they must all rely on a single underlying component inventory database. We need to come up with a strategy that will allow these efforts to proceed but will also allow us to unify them when we settle on the underlying components database.
If done correctly the individual efforts can use an interim table holding the base inventory information, then switch to another table or view when the final system is ready.
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I've begin discussions on this with Dave L, need to talk to others. Important thing is that everyone knows this is coming.
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Initial release of modified version of CLAS inventory system in production use. Future upgrades include addition of cable database (by CLAS) and better display of hierarchical data (by H-D). We have begun entering base data (buildings, rooms, transformers, major electrical panels, etc).