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0000352Hall D OnlineDatabasespublic2013-06-07 14:592013-06-13 08:48
0000352: Upgrade JInventory database system
Develop conventions and update/upgrade database and php code to implement them. Create and implement procedure to add electronics information to database from Fernando's spreadsheets. Purchase and install barcode labels on as much equipment as possible and update database appropriately. Add power hierarchy information to database.
Dave L's SQLite database may be useful for getting at electronics information. Some items already have barcode labels. Use label printer to make large labels for selected equipment. Work with Mark Stevens on power hierarchy.
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We've decided to add front-end boards using the CLAS convention of a fixed five-layer housing hierarchy. Serguei P will port the CLAS gui's that implement this into the system and modify them to use the housing hierarchy instead of location tables. These gui's restrict the fields shown to those relevant for front-end electronics boards. The full item gui will be used for other items.