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0000036: Benchmark tracking code
As suggested by Dimitry Emeliyanov during am ad hoc meeting after the GlueX Software Tutorial on Jan. 7th, 2011:

Do a finer grained bench marking of the tracking code. In particular, look at the overhead incurred by the framework used by all track fitters.
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2011-01-24 09:23   
Some initial work on this has begun. A new trk_profile plugin was committed to the repository along with some modifications to DTrackFitter and a new prof_time.h tool in revision 7267 on Jan. 13th. Initial tests indicated fitting one track (wire-based or time-based) takes around 10ms after some recent mods by Simon.

I'm not quite marking this done yet as there may be some more benchmarking needed because we are still a factor of 10 slower than ATLAS.
2012-01-30 11:35   
No additional work has been done on this since the note 1 year ago. At this point, I will call this done.