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0000386JANAFeature Requestpublic2013-09-16 07:552015-11-30 11:53
0000386: Add features to janactl
Add some features to janactl to enhance its abilities. These could include:

- List configuration parameters
- Get config. parameter value
- Set config. parameter value (must warn user it might do nothing)
- Current event source name and type
- List of JCalibration objects (type, run, context, URL)
- List of factories
- List of plugins
- List of JEventSourceGenerators (class name, description)
- Attach a plugin
- Command line parameters
- Host OS, CPU type, Ncores
- Current max RAM usage
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2015-11-30 11:53   
Some of these were done a long time ago. Closing this now since it does not seem to be pressing.