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0000415JANAFeature Requestpublic2014-08-23 22:442015-06-04 14:34
0000415: Add config. param. to allow users to force a specific JEventSource be used.
When dealing with HDDM files, an issue came up when we tried using named pipes. Specifically, the CheckOpenable methods used for the "s" type (=simulation) and "r" type (=REST) sources tested them by trying to open the file. If a named pipe was being used, then the header was pulled off of the stream but the test open causing the second open to fail. To get around this, Richard implemented an algorithm, that looks for key phases in the filename itself, thereby avoiding the test open. The problem with this method is that it can be confused by a poorly named file.

In order to provide a general mechanism for users to side step issues such as this, a configuration parameter should be introduced that allows the user to specify exactly which JEventSource should be instantiated to handle the source. Perhaps something like "EVENT_SOURCE_TYPE" (?)
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This was committed in revision 2329 and will appear in JANA 0.7.3