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0000450JANAFeature Requestpublic2015-02-04 13:542015-11-30 10:16
0000450: Need SKIP_TO_EVENT config. parameter
Suggested by Matt S.:

We should add a SKIP_TO_EVENT configuration parameter that would allow one to specify the event number (as reported by the JEvent object) that should be skipped to. This is somewhat related to the function of EventStore that provides a list of events to process. We expect to implement the EventStore at the JEventSource_EVIO level (i.e. not as part of JANA, but as part of sim-recon). However, it may be easy to add the ability to use EventStore formatted files.
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2015-11-30 10:16   
Looks like this was already implemented back on Jun 10th, 2015 and came out in JANA 0.7.3 already.