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0000467JANAFeature Requestpublic2015-11-02 09:172015-11-30 10:09
0000467: Default JANA_RESOURCE_DIR
This is based on a suggestion by Mark I. after and e-mail conversation that came up due to a lot of farm jobs simultaneously hitting the web server for resources during start up. I can't seem to find Mark's e-mail so this is from memory.

We should have the ability to specify a default value for the JANA_RESOURCE_DIR in the sim-recon code in case the user does not set JANA_RESOURCE_DIR in their environment. This can point to the directory on /group/halld in the case of sim-recon. This directory can then be checked first before falling to the /tmp option. This will be a little subtle since the default behavior will change depending on whether you are running on a machine with /group/halld mounted our not. However, most of the time, it will be doing the right thing. This also puts the responsibility for using this default feature into sim-recon and not JANA itself so that seems OK.
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Fixed in revision 2377. This will appear in JANA 0.7.4

The fix was to add a new config. param called JANA_RESOURCE_DEFAULT_PATH. This is a colon separated list of directories to look for before falling to the last resort of the /tmp directory. The first directory in the list found to exist is used. This will allow us to specify more than one default. The idea being that different systems may have different defaults that are unlikely to exist on other systems.