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0000468JANABugpublic2015-11-06 14:402015-11-29 15:27
0000468: DEFTAG: feature does not work
Simon reported and I confirmed that the DEFTAG: feature in JANA stopped functioning in JANA 0.7.3. This was due to a line being added the JEventLoop::Initialize() that tries to get the AUTOACTIVATE parameter just before getting ll of the DEFTAG: parameters. This is done inside a try-catch block (line 426). If the AUTOACTIVATE parameters is not set, then an exception is thrown and the DEFTAG: call is not made. As a result, one can actually get the DEFTAG: feature to work again if the AUTOACTIVATE parameter is set to something.

The fix is to move each of the GetParameter calls into its own try-catch block so if one fails, the others still get tried.
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Fixed in revision 2373 and will appear in JANA 0.7.4