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0000048: hdgeant crashing on athlon 32bit
Richard jones reported this via phone call today.
hdgeant is crashing at the point it is reading in the B-field map with no descriptive error report.
The problem does not present when compiled in DEBUG mode.
The problem does not present when the ARCH is i686 (instead of athlon).
The problem does not present when executables compiled on other 32bit architectures are run on the athlon machine.
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2011-03-02 11:17   
This problem stemmed from the fact that 32-bit Linux malloc does not align on 16 byte boundaries causing SIMD instructions to crash. This had been disabled when the ARCH was i686, but athlon machines set the ARCH to "athlon" causing SIMD instructions to be compiled in.

Richard solved this problem and simultaneously enhanced the use of SSE2 and SSE3 to compile in things more customized for the current hardware.