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0000093: DAQ-like EVIO file from simulated data
Write a program that will generate an EVIO file using Hall-D simulated data (HDDM file) as input. The output EVIO file should be close in format as to what is anticipated from the Hall-D DAQ system. It should provide an option to make either entangled or disentangled event files.

The working program will be well documented such that the Hall-D group may take over maintenance.
David abbott will take the lead with this task but I (Heyes) am leaving myself as the "assigned to" so that I can track and report progress.
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parent of 0000102resolved wolin Hall D Offline Create plugin framework to generate simulated CODA-format raw event files from monte carlo input 
parent of 0000131resolved wolin Hall D Offline Write requirements for digitizing Monte Carlo data for online testing 
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2011-06-20 10:16   
Graham...kindly review the task description and modify as required, especially the estimated man-weeks of effort needed. We'll iterate as needed.
2011-06-20 10:18   
Please update task description as needed
2011-07-15 11:10   
The task description looks reasonable. I am not updating the man-weeks until David has discussed the task and has figured out how long he thinks it will take.

There are some unknowns:

- Exactly how some boards will be read out is not yet known.

- The disentangled data format may depend on some aspects of the disentangler.
2011-10-12 14:56   
Dave Abbott is currently working on this, prototype within the next few weeks.
2012-06-05 11:49   
No progress for a long time, but we will need this for our mock data challenges later this summer/fall.
2013-03-19 11:51   
Dave created the mc2coda package, Elliott wrapped this in the "rawevent" JANA plugin.