Condition list

Type Name Description
int bcal_fadc250_mode FADC250_MODE from BCAL run config section
float beam_current
float beam_energy
float beam_on_current Average beam current excluding beam-off periods
int cdc_fadc125_mode CDC FADC125_MODE value (from run config)
float cdc_gas_pressure Gas pressure related to CDC. EPICS: RESET:i:GasPanelBarPress1
float coherent_peak
string collimator_diameter
json components
json component_stats
string daq_blocks readout block level
string daq_calib calibration file
string daq_config daq run config
string daq_mode fadc readout mode
string daq_run daq run type
string daq_setup cool setup
string daq_trigger trigger name
int event_count
float event_rate
int evio_files_count The number of evio files written by CODA Event Recorder
string evio_last_file Filename of the last evio file written by CODA ER
int fcal_fadc250_mode FADC250_MODE from FCAL run config section
string halfwave_plate Whether or not the halfwave plate is inserted
bool is_valid_run_end True if a run has valid run-end record. False means the run was aborted/crashed at some point
float luminosity
string offline_comment Comment made after some offline analysis
string polarimeter_converter EPICS hd:polarimeter_at_* Polarimeter's converter position. Values: RETRACTED/Be 50um/Be 75um/Be 750um
float polarization_angle Angle of the linear polarization
string polarization_direction Polarization direction - parallel or perpendicular to floor
string ps_converter
int radiator_id ID of radiator in goniometer: unique id of diamond (0 for all amorphous)
int radiator_index Index of radiator position in goniometer
string radiator_type
json rtvs
string run_config
time run_end_time Run end time by DAQ
int run_length Length of
time run_start_time Run start time by DAQ
string run_type
int seandb_event_count
string session
float solenoid_current
int status
float tagger_current Current in tagger magnet
string target_type
int trigger_block_level BLOCKLEVEL
int trigger_buffer_level BUFFERLEVEL from TRIGGER section
json trigger_eq Trigger equation values (from config)
int trigger_ts_coin_wind TS_COIN_WIND Trigger merging window
json trigger_ts_gtp_pres TS_GTP_PRES Prescaling factors for each line
int trigger_ts_sync_int TS_SYNC_INT Period for SYNC events
int trigger_ts_type TS_TRIG_TYPE 1-ext.puls 2-ext.fp 4-GTP 6-GTP+ext 7-GTP+ext+TSplsr
json trigger_type Trigger type values (from config)
string user_comment
float wien_angle_horizontal
float wien_angle_solenoid
float wien_angle_vertical