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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
Update Issue 00000021Generalminorresolved (marki)2010-08-24Make "docs" area of subversion repository require authentication on checkout
Update Issue 00000071Generalminorresolved (marki)2010-08-24Re-raise the issue of a documentation policy at a future meeting
Update Issue 00000142Generalminorresolved (marki)2010-08-24Add analysis of b1pi output to cron jobs
Update Issue 00000181Generalminorresolved (marki)2010-08-05Add comments to sim-recon release page
Update Issue 00000222Generalminorresolved (wolin)2010-07-21Bring up DAQ software release method at an online meeting.
Update Issue 00000201Generalminorresolved (davidl)2010-07-13Give a plug-in tutorial to the group
Update Issue 000002315Generalminorresolved (wolin)2010-06-24Configure MantisBT for real use
Update Issue 00000211Generalminorresolved (davidl)2010-06-24Release JANA 0.6.2
Update Issue 00000191Generalminorresolved (staylor)2010-06-21Announce field-uniformity GlueX note
Update Issue 00000091Generalminorresolved (wolin)2010-06-18Explore action item tracking software
Update Issue 0000001 Generalfeatureresolved (wolin)2010-06-18Archive of old resolved offline action items
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