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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
Update Issue 00000111Generalminorassigned (marki)2010-08-24Develop a computing plan for GlueX.
Update Issue 00000151Generalminorassigned (marki)2010-08-24Decide on best practice for environment set-up
Update Issue 00000241Generalminoracknowledged (zihlmann)2010-08-09DTOFHit object has bugs
Update Issue 00000251Generalminoracknowledged (zihlmann)2010-08-09DTOFPoint chisq error
Update Issue 0000026 Generalminorassigned (davidl)2010-08-04TwoGammaFit object missing toString() method
Update Issue 00000177Generalminorfeedback (staylor)2010-06-23Do studies of a more uniform magnetic field.
Update Issue 0000003 Generalminorassigned (marki)2010-06-21Look into restoring doxygen generation and subversion statistics generation to the nightly build
Update Issue 0000010 Generalminorassigned (davidl)2010-06-18Write a specification for the calibration database.
Update Issue 0000008 Generalminorassigned (davidl)2010-06-18HOWTO write thread-safe code-
Update Issue 0000006 Generalminorassigned (davidl)2010-06-18Document on JANADOT
Update Issue 0000004 Generalminorassigned (davidl)2010-06-18Understand smearing scheme for time-of-flight.
Update Issue 0000016 Generalminornew2010-06-18Find a volunteer to revise the BMS document.
Update Issue 0000013 Generalminornew2010-06-18Clean up coding conventions wiki page
Update Issue 0000005 Generalminornew2010-06-18PWA scope study
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