Apr 07, 2011 Calibration/Monitoring

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Teleconference Time: 08:00 CST (Regina) / 10:00 EDT / 16:00 GMT+2 (Athens)

  • Connection: ESNET

Background information

Action Items

  1. Can George calculate the % deviation from linearity on his plot?
  2. USM should be contacted to send more LGs to Athens: Athens has requested 15 units, 12 for one side and 3 for the opposing side of the baby cal. Regina is working on its request.
  3. Christina will probe Kappos for cabling and other board issues.
  4. BCAL Fibre location and angle, as well as mounting sequence should be flushed out. (Zisis)

Tentative Agenda

  1. MoU Progress
  2. Monitoring system concepts


Attendees: Christina (Athens), Elton (JLab), Zisis (Regina)

  1. Prototyping:
    1. Kappos gave a quote for 2 LPCM boards running 40 LED boards: euro 1600/$2700->$3000 including consumables. Very reasonable.
    2. Elton will look into breaking off a small part of the contract soon, to allow work to proceed.
    3. A piece of Plexiglas existed at Athens an will be polished.
  2. Technical aspects:
    1. BCAL will have a single colour LED and 4 wires running 10 LEDs each on one LPCM controller board.
  3. Fibre location and angle, as well as mounting sequence should be flushed out.
    1. FCAL uses 4 colour but the same LPCM controller board and same LED boards. +5V, GRND, bias. LED board mounting for FCAL will probably work. The LPCM can drive different colour LEDs.
  4. MOU
    1. It has been sent to the central offices.
  5. Contract:
    1. The Monitoring will be handled via a Fixed Price Contract.
  6. SOW
    1. Elton circulated the SOW and we discussed issues.
    2. Christine stipulated that June is the best month to get all prototyping done before summer holidays.