BLTWG Meeting 04/25/2016

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  • Time: 11:30 EDT
  • Connecting: detailed instructions are here
  • Conference id: 536076821
  • Present: Alex B. Nathan S., Hovanes E., Alexandre D., Curtis M, Richard J., Brendan P., Michael D., Dan S., Franz K., Mark D., Alex S., and Sascha S.


  1. Announcements
  2. Collaboration Meeting
  3. Beam structure from FFT of TAGM tdc data - Richard J.
  4. Update on TAGH calibration and performance - Nathan S.
  5. Update on the TAGM calibration and performance - Alex B.
  6. Update on the PS energy calibration (same talk from the last calibration meeting 4/20/16) - Alex B.
  7. Update on diamond radiator fabrication - Brendan P.
  8. Update on triplet polarimetry - M. Dugger, N. Sparks
  9. Update on the pair spectrometer - Sascha S.
  10. Any other business