BLTWG Meeting 12/18/2017

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  • Time: 11:30 EDT
  • JLab meeting room: A110
  • Connecting: detailed instructions are here
  • Conference id: 536076821
  • Present: Richard J., Alex D., James M., Alexandre D., Baalouch M., Michael D., Alex B., Eugene C., Sasha S., Hovanes E., and Alex S.


  1. Announcements
  2. Progress starting the run
  3. Updates on polarization studies
    • CB spectrum and polarization studies - Glasgow
    • Update on TPOL analysis - Michael D.
    • Update on hadronic asymmetries - ?
  4. Update on instrumentation upgrades / improvements
    • removing epoxy from diamond radiators - Richard J.
    • new V-wire radiator - Alexandre D.
    • new diamond radiators - Richard J.
    • triplet polarimeter - Mike D.
    • tagger microscope - Alex B.
    • tagger hodoscope - Sasha S.
    • pair spectrometer - Sasha S
    Update on the PS acceptance
  5. Updates on simulations
  6. Updates from the to-do list
    • refining the beam energy scale
    • PS analysis and acceptance
    • improved calibrations
  7. Any other business


Email response from Applied Diamond about how to remove epoxy from thin diamonds

Hi Richard,
We always like to use heat because it’s more gentle than bouncing around in a boiling solution.  Try something like 300C at first.  
Most organics will breakdown below that temperature.  If that’s not working well, you can go up to 500C for an hour or so without
harming the diamond.  You’re looking for the epoxy to turn to a light grey ash which can be wiped away (Q-tip in alcohol, for example).
It goes without saying that you need to be very gentle with these things.
Joseph Tabeling
3825 Lancaster Pike
Wilmington, DE 19805
Skype: ddkjoe