Controls Meeting 14-Jul-2011

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  • Announcements - Cody Dickover has joined Hall D
  • Minutes from previous meeting 30-Jun-2011
  • B field grid measurements with coil 2 - Elliott
  • Fate of the Coil Test meeting - Elliott
  • Controls test stand, BOY, etc. - Hovanes
  • Controls in the hall - Josh, Elliott
    • licenses and maintenance
    • software choices
    • changes to solenoid control system
  • IRMIS - Elliott
  • More on strategy for use of PLC vs IOC vs mixed system - Elliott, Hovanes, Josh
    • what criteria push us one way or the other?
    • E.g: gas system, CAN system, FDC cooling, target, magnets, goniometer, HV/LV channels, crate control, etc.
  • Mantis task tracker
  • AOT


9:30 AM Thurs 14-Jul-2011 CC F326


Cody Dickover has joined Hall D. He is working with Fernando and will serve as liason between the Controls and Electronics effort.

Next Meeting

Not sure due to summer vacations


Present: Elliott W, Josh B, Scot S, Mark S, Dave L, Hovanes E, Cody D, Beni Z

B Field Grid Measurements

The folks designing the new solenoid want us to measure the Coil 2 field carefully on a small grid so they can compare to simulation results.

Coil Test Meeting

There will be no more coil test meetings since the final test is almost over. Issues of concern to the coil test will be discussed at this meeting.

Controls Test Stand

Hovanes reported on recent progress in EEL 126:

  • equipment now in final location according to Fernando's plan.
  • we have two racks.
  • we have 1 VME crate, 1 older CAEN HV crate, a PLC chassis plus PLC plus some modules, a Point I/O system.
  • PLC equipment communicates via Ethernet/IP (no ControlNet).
  • will be testing PC104's, EPICS SNMP driver, etc.

Allen-Bradley Licenses and Software

  • we have a 3-year maintenance agreeement with A-B, shared with Hall C.
  • we are considering purchasing Viewpoint, which can serve HMI screens to the web.
  • we will keep the EWEB module as a back-door path to controlling the PLC from the internet.

Danfysik Slow Dump

Cody reported that he will try to get the slow dump working once the coil test is over. This may involve restoring the large dump resistor and/or changing the dump diode configuration.

IRMIS and Translation Tables

Elliott showed a preliminary design for the translation tables (crate/slot/channel to/from detector coordinates). One idea is to use IRMIS to store this information, then derive XML files from it. We hope to begin testing IRMIS once the coil test is over.


Again we discussed when to use PLC control and when to use IOC's. Many cases are clear, but we don't have an overall philosophy to guide us when things are not clear. This is an ongoing discussion.