February 17, 2022 KLONG Phase II Design Meeting

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Meeting Time and Place

Thursday February 17, 2022, 1pm

Zoom https://jlab-org.zoomgov.com/j/1611857466?pwd=VEZndTZzdDdNOUdJU3NxblRLcVoxdz09&from=addon

  • Invited - Hovanes Egiyan, Stephanie Worthington, Keith Harding, Igor Strakovsky, Tim Whitlatch, Vitaly Baturin,

Mikhail Bashkanov, Anthony Palazzo, Eugene Chudakov, Mark Stevens


Phase II is the section downstream of the collimator cave shield wall through the liquid target

Requirements and things to finalize


  • Briefly discussed minutes from January meeting
  • Vitaly asked about beam pipe inside PS magnet - will be 6.35 cm OD x 6.03cm ID 316 stainless steel
  • Discussion about magnet effects of beam tube - 3166 SS has a permeability of around 1.2 so should have no significant forces.
  • Need to look at magnetic affects of adjacent PS magnet
  • We will be using the same target cart as the existing Gluex hydrogen target
  • Discussion of possible shielding DS to protect CDC, FDC and electronics
  • Flux monitor detectors are just upstream and downstream of MRI
  • Keith showed best guess at MRI dimensions
    • Center of MRI is 15cm above beamline. Beamline is 30 cm above lower edge of MRI bore.
    • Platform rated for over 7 tonnes
    • Keith found additional documentation on field map and power/cooling requirements
  • Vitaly has FLUKA working with magnetic fields and will look at CPS copper energy absorption
  • Tim still needs to run heat numbers from Vitaly for the berylium and tungsten to verify cooling system

Action Items

  • Keith to continue getting more geometry info on MRI for the model
  • Tim to look at tungsten heat removal
  • Set up future meetings