March 03, 2022 KLONG Phase II Design Meeting

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Meeting Time and Place

Thursday March 03, 2022, 1pm


  • Invited - Hovanes Egiyan, Stephanie Worthington, Keith Harding, Igor Strakovsky, Tim Whitlatch, Vitaly Baturin,

Mikhail Bashkanov, Anthony Palazzo, Eugene Chudakov, Mark Stevens


Phase II is the section downstream of the collimator cave shield wall through the liquid target

Requirements and things to finalize


  • Discussed 3D model and MRI unit
    • Looks like MRI is compatible with platform height and strength (39" beamline height and 17ooolb load capability)
    • Need to determine MRI components that will be needed and have a dedicated integration meeting
    • Scintillators will be added US and DS of bore
  • Is shielding needed DS of magnet for charged particles?
    • Mikhal will simulate charged particle background
  • Vitaly presented Fluka data on CPS
    • Shows beam on target will be 3 cm low
    • Separate CPS meeting will be started
  • CDC and FDC will be used for this experiment
  • Tim did not perform temperature distribution analysis on berylium or tungsten
    • Tim will get to this shortly
  • Generally, the KLONG design is on hold pending MRI integration meetings

Action Items