May 26, 2011 Calibration/Monitoring

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Teleconference Time: 08:30 CST (Regina) / 10:30 EDT / 16:30 GMT+2 (Athens)

  • Connection: ESNET

Background information

Action Items

  1. USM was contacted to expedite the LG shipment to Athens: Athens has requested 15 units, 12 for one side and 3 for the opposing side of the baby cal.
  2. In the meanwhile, Elton will send 2 Plastic Craft LGs to Athens, and possibly small connectors (from the SiPM U-board) or at least information on the type of connectors for both LED and control board.
  3. Christina will discuss connectors with Kappos and also whether a 90 degree LED can be used and where it can be mounted.
  4. Zisis will have Danny sketch the concept for the LED 'channel'.

Tentative Agenda

  1. Paperwork Progress
  2. Monitoring system concepts


Attendees: Christina (Athens), Elton (JLab), Zisis (Regina)

  1. Paperwork Progress: APP has been finished and SOW as well.
  2. Monitoring system concepts
    • Mounting of LGs: options to mount all 40 LGs in a single jig, versus 4 x 10 LGs in a column were discussed and how the LED boards will go on them. No decision has been taken yet.
    • LED Boards: the different options were discussed, namely ribbon cables vs. flex board between the stiffer LED miniboards etc.
    • Coupling to LGs: Zisis suggested modifying the 'step cut' idea into a smaller-footprint channel, that is not cut across the LG's width. This may require an LED mounted at 90 off the bottom side of the board. Zisis will ask Dan to sketch this and Christine will ask Kappos about the required type of LED.
    • Elton will Fedex 2 Plastic Craft LGS to Athens so that they can continue their work until the Chile guides arrive.
    • Connectors: Elton will send sample connectors and/or info on them for Kappos to review.