Mini FCAL Meeting Mon. Jan. 23, 2012

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Video Conferencing

  • ESNet: 8542553

(EVO can be bridged upon request)


Local logbook (

Offsite logbook (

  1. Detector Status (John):
    • alignment
    • gain balancing
    • resolution
    • timing
  2. DAQ Status (Alex):
    • pulse modes
    • scalars
    • Hall B DAQ integration
  3. Online Software (Dave)
  4. HV controls/EPICS (Hovanes)
  5. Future Plans (All):
    • Hall B energies
    • remote scintillator size change
    • remaining goals at current location
    • move to floor
    • remaining overall goals
    • BCAL test


January 23 2012

Detector (John)


-detector aligned

-need to add appropriate units to plots

-need to look at pedestal vs. time

Gain Balancing/Resolution

-gain balancing using Minuit

-resolution ~22%

-need to study stability

-break up data into groups and by detector

-see if signal's peaks are similar


-width of time difference between trigger and signal ~1.5 ns

-need to look at timing between pairs of blocks in same events

-is there an effect of pulse height?

DAQ (Alex)

-need thresholds and pedestals to run in pulse modes

-start using pulse modes now

-scalars should be done soon, will need FPGA reprogramming

-will integrate with Hall B DAQ when Sergey returns

-need to add additional remote scintillators before Hall B integrated running

-need to think about how to trigger/timing will work with Hall B integrated running

Online Software (Dave)

-see link in agenda

HV controls (Hovanes)


-minor bug to look at (IOC reboot)

Future (All)

-pulse modes


-Hall B integration running

-detector motion studies (rotations and translations)

-move detector to floor after Hall B at 5 pass