Mini FCAL Meeting Mon. Jan. 30, 2012

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Offsite logbook (

  1. Detector Status (John):
    • alignment
    • gain balancing
    • resolution
    • timing
  2. DAQ Status (Alex):
    • pulse modes
    • scalars
    • Hall B DAQ integration
  3. Online Software (Dave)
  4. HV controls/EPICS (Hovanes)
  5. Future Plans (All):
    • Hall B energies
    • remote scintillator size change
    • remaining goals at current location
    • move to floor
    • remaining overall goals
    • BCAL test


Attendance: John, Dave L., Alex, Kei

Detector (John)

-added units to detector sum, charge/event is 10-15 pC on average

-gain balancing converging, average of ~7% deviation from technique described in elog

DAQ (Alex)

-started pulse mode

-DAQ rate now 5kHz, up from 2kHz

-will try integral mode soon

-Hall b integration in next 2 weeks

-scalars also soon