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January 12, 2012 FDC meeting


  1. Production Construction Tracking (Dave)
    • Production update
    • First package cabling
    • Second package tests (Lubomir)
  2. Engineering update (Bill)
    • Copper tubing
  3. Electronics update (Chris)
    • Pre-amp cards
    • LV cabling (Lubomir)
  4. Testing in 126 (Beni)
  5. TDR (Lubomir)
  6. Other


Participants: Bill, Dave, Chris, Mark, Simon, Beni, and Lubomir.


- Dave: second package ready, working now on the third. First wire frame strung today, two end windows and one type-1 cathodes ready, working on two type-3 cathodes and started type-2. Dark current was tested on the PCBs for the next wire frame (we are doing this test now both before and after frame lamination).

- The thick copper tube that was put on two cells of the first package was removed. Today we received the thinner tube that will be installed on all the cells. Dave and Anatoly labeled the HV connectors. Fernando and Chris will come next Tuesday to do the HV connections, by that time we should be ready with the cooling tubes.

- Tooling needed for the installation of the third package: we will re-use half of the hubs from the first two packages. Bill asked if we need new transfer ring: no. Beni talked to Roger: do we need more foils from Allflex, no; what should we do with the extra foil material at Minnesota, should be shipped to us.

- The last cell of the second package was installed on Friday and was tested this week successfully. Will flush it with gas till the beginning of the next week and do some more tests.


- Bill explained to us the latest ideas about FDC cabling: exoskeleton (Al mesh) will be attached to BCAL on 6(?) rails with cables running at the outer side, CDC will be inside. The exoskeleton will reach (and attached to) the first upstream package then the cables will be attached to the cooling tubes of the other packages. This may require additional attachment of of the cooling tubes to the frames, since now they are hold by the pre-amps only. There's a mock-up ready.

- The new copper tubes even thinner than the first: 0.5mm walls. The thick (1mm wall) tubes will be returned. The tool to hold the pre-amp brackets during tube installation was designed and will be ready for the installation.


- Chris: all the pre-amps for the first package ready, now at Blue Crab. Each has serial number that should be entered in a look-up table with its position it the package. The extra set to be tested at the second package will be ready soon. Chris ordered the LV ERNI connectors needed for the 126 tests.

- Bill wanted to know how many extra heat clamps are needed to be installed on the spare pre-amp. Chris will replay on this.

- Lubomir tested in place the new LV scheme using three types of cathode cables with the four connectors at distances of 4-4-4" (8pc per package), 7-4-4" (14pc),and 4-9.5-4" (5pc). These lengths take into account that cables may run outside of the cooling tubes. The cables will have different colors and the connectors have to be painted somehow as well. Bill suggested how to put additional labels on the LV connectors if needed. Connecting these at some places is tricky and Bill will design a tool for that.

Testing at 126

- According to Fernando if we have LV power to the pre-amps, the cathodes will be at low potential. This requires 27 LV cables, for that Chris will order also cables/wires. It's not clear what would the strip potential be if the pre-amps are not supplied.

- Some progress with the multi-crate system, that we don't need right now.


- Slow progress, Bill will make a beautiful picture of the cathode/wire frame positions within the package.


- Many people were very happy with the FDC presentation at the Hall-D open house. Thanks to Dave for the organization, Mike for preparing the slide show and all the techs for participating in the event and sharing their experience with the others.