Minutes 11-22-2006

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FDC Weekly Meeting

Date: November 22, 2006

Participants: Daniel, Brian, Simon, Tim, Chuck

Next Meeting: Wednesday, November 29, 2006 @ 1:30 p.m.

Mechanical Drawings

   Tim and Chuck have not made any additional progress on the FDC
   mechanical drawings as they have been working on drawings for
   the entire GlueX detector system.

Cable Support System

 - We discussed the cable support system and how the FDC system will
   be installed within the solenoid.  The issues include the downstream
   end of the BCAL with the Winston cones, SiPMs, and cables.  We
   cannot be in contact with any of this.  Also the FDC system will be
   assembled onto a special cart and will engage with the fixed rails
   within the solenoid.  The FDC system will then slide into place as
   a single unit.
 - The FDC system should be able to be connected to power and readout
   on the installation cart and then slide into GlueX.  Tim and Chuck
   will begin to work on the design.

Cooling Issues

   We discussed issues with preamp cooling - water vs. dry air.  More
   details are needed from Mitch Newcomer regarding the ASICs before
   we can proceed. DSC will follow up on this.

Preamp Power

 - We discussed how to power the ASICs with a common input line (or
   lines) so that we don't have to make connections separately to
   each daughter board.
 - We need to discuss this with Roger and Kim at our next meeting.

FDC Budget

 - We reviewed the FDC budget - Brian was brought up to date on the
   numbers that he should help to provide.  The accuracy level is
   30% for our purposes.
 - The budget is due to Elton and Curtis by Dec. 19.

Dummy Cathode Design

   Roger has completed work on the dummy cathode plane.  Due to the
   $20k cost, we need Elton to sign off on this.

Minutes prepared by Daniel. Send any comments or corrections along.