Sim-RP-2017-01-ver01 Conditions

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These simulations were generated for the purpose of matching detector performance in simulation and data. They were generated using hdgeant, and the standard CCDB variation "mc" was used.

Detailed information about the files and conditions will be found at:


The simulated data can be found at JLab on tape at /mss/halld/RunPeriod-2017-01/sim/ver01 with the following subdirectories:

  • bggen - generic hadronic photoproduction events
  • omega_3pi - omega -> pi+ pi- pi0 decays generated using gen_omega_3pi
  • 4pi - gamma + p -> p + 2(pi+pi-) events generated via phase space

For each set of events, the following files are generated:

  • rest - reconstructed events
  • smeared - hit-level data
  • hd_root - data quality monitoring ROOT files

Data have been generated for three runs:

  • Run 30590 - Generated at JLab, no background added
  • Run 31001 - Generated on OSG, random trigger backgrounds
  • Run 31002 - Generated on OSG, no background added

How to analyze

The sim-recon tag recon-2017_01-ver01-batch01-mcsmear-ver01 should be used to analyze these simulations.

The CCDB settings required are:

setenv JANA_CALIB_CONTEXT "variation=mc calibtime=2017-07-24"