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Resources useful in developing GlueX documents


Source for some published papers is stored in a private repository on GitHub at the link below. To access it, you will need to be a member of the GlueX team in the JeffersonLab organization. If you need to be added, then you may contact one of the maintainers of that team (e.g. Justin Stevens)


A framework has been setup for developing documents using Latex. Details of the system can be found in the README file.

The source can be found in the subversion repository here:

GlueX docs and Hall-D Notes

Technical notes written specific to Hall-D and GlueX are kept on the GlueX DocDB.

Select references are maintain in a Bibtex file in the tex-docs are here:

A file containing references in bibtex format for all GlueX-docs can be generated using the DocDB2Bibtex script which is kept in the Hall-D subversion repository here:

A comparison of the by-hand (tex-docs) and autogenerated (DocDB2Bibtex) results can be seen here:

tex-docs: gluex_doc_orig_cite_test.pdf

DocDB2Bibtex: gluex_doc_auto_cite_test.pdf

A PDF document containing references to all DocDB documents can be seen here gluex_doc_cite_test.pdf(194 pages)

(The above was generated with this file gluex_docs.bib.gz)