Solenoid Meeting 2014-02-04

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George B., David B., Scot S., Mark S., Yi Q., Eugene C.



Review task list

  1. Power supply: Giles provided Alex at Danfysik with history charts (dumps and trips) of our solenoid testing results, the conversation started, he will report next time
  2. PXI, Yi will move the system to the Hall, Scot will take care of that afterwards
  3. SOE: 90% done, need some time for final testing
  4. Missing resistance file for quench detector adjustment on halld_engineer/solenoid_controls/ - Yi will look into the snapshots, still need to determine the relationship between the dial value and the resistance
  5. Method to control such a system. Current controllable potentiometer solution is not linear, other PFGA or simpler mechanical method? Or use PLC's DAC to correct the input voltage.
  6. Install hall probe in the solenoid
  7. He level probe wiring - Scot continue working on it