Status of the tagged release for DC 1, 11/5/2012

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Recall goals for the tag:

  1. no new Cerenkov code
  2. no new BCAL digitization
  3. new plug-in for "online" monitoring from Paul
  4. new trigger plug-in from David to store trigger results


  1. David's backing out of BCAL was revision 9772
  2. Revision 9720: Yi's changes started going in
  3. Paul needs his new analysis package for his monitoring plug-in
  4. new analysis package needs recent Jana
  5. Recent Jana requires uses Xerces-C 3.x
  6. Need to re-build HDDS with recent version (3.x compatible) as well
  7. HDDS can't go too far forward because Richard made changes for B-field treatment that need recent HDGeant
  8. recent HDGeant brings in Yi's Cerenkov


  1. drop Paul's plug-in and go to pre-Yi version of everything
    • do monitoring with the phystree ROOT file, save histograms only
    • BCAL digitization issue?
  2. Paul re-writes his monitoring plugin to not use his analysis package
  3. update everything to latest and greatest
    1. sub-option: try to remove or ameliorate Yi's stuff
    2. sub-option: run with Yi's stuff
  4. other?