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Present: M.D., A.D., S.Š, J.S.

General: Committee formed for GlueX review of the proposal: Garth Huber and Frank Nerling. They agreed about meeting once they have gone through the proposal.

  • M.D.
    • Preparing for his APS talk April 19th.
    • Working on the simulation: Mark got BH XS results from 3 different event generators. But he has now to focus on preparing the talk. Will resume simulation works next week.
  • S.Š:
    • Provided c++ code for six-fold unpolarized and polarized BH XS, to be used as event generator.
    • It seems that in all relevant kinematics, the BH is dominated by elastic contribution. If confirmed, this alleviates the need for also having to implement structure functions and atomic form factor. Elastic nuclear form factors will be sufficient.
    • Once verified and implemented in HDGeant, this could be part of the contribution that Simon can claim as a GlueX collaborator.
  • A.D.:
    • Posted former talks on the GDH wiki page. Sent the Keynote slides to Mark.
    • Will send to Simon fortran codes for elastic nuclear form factors for 12C and 16O (also present in the target, albeit unpolarized).