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Present: M.D., A.D., S.Š, J.S., General:

S.Š: Found 5 edible mushrooms in the forest. Also worked on BH.

J.S.: Worked on GlueX empty target run analysis. Here's an email report (07/15/20): "Sorry I didn’t have this in better for this morning. Here is a slide with the target information (length, density, etc.) and comparison to the fitted yields from the windows. The yields for 2-track vertices are included in the table with the fit shown in the figure. The ratio of 2-track yields between the gas and windows are comparable to the area density. Is this expected, or did I miss something in scaling with Z? In principle, we could take the empty target trigger rate and scale it by this ratio of yields and the length of our expected target. But that may be too large of an extrapolation to be useful at this point."


A.D.: Prepared a first draft of presentation for PAC 48.