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Present: M.D., A.D., S.Š, J.S.,


  • On 09/08/2020, we had a meeting with C. Keith re. target.
    • Timeline:
      • It will take about 3 years to build the target, assuming that project has high priority. Currently, the target group has many other targets to build (Møller exp. target, Hall B pol. 3He target, a back-up project in case the HDice transverse target doesn't work...) or to refurbish (Halls A and C cryotargets).
      • It is clear that the Møller target has the largest priority and it will consume C.K. time until 2023. Thus, the soonest we can think of running the experiment is 2026, and this is if we do convince JLab's management that the next high priority work after the Møller target is the Hall D FROST target.
      • Assuming 2023 as the date for the start of the target work (and it's not a given), this is when we will start using whatever budget we secured to build the target. So we should aim for this date in the proposal grants.
      • To put the FROST target on the JLab management radar and increase the priority of its construction, we should encourage new LOI and proposals using the Hall D FROST target. Possibilities are:
        • GDH and polarized shadowing study using a nuclear polarized target (the system would be very close to the H and D FROST target): This is being investigated by MD and AD.
        • Suggest Dustin Keller to develop a LOI (he is probably too busy for anything beyond that at the moment).
        • Others GlueX collaborators that may be interested? Part of this can be as a run group using the circularly polarized photons. A complementary program could use linearly polarized beam and would require it own beam time.
    • CK reminded us that the $600k quoted in the proposal is if we re-use parts from the Hall B FROST target. (Without them, the cost would be about $3M.) AD asked if it was a sure we could re-use these parts or if Hall B may want to reclaim them at some point, and C.K. confirmed the part where unconditionally available. This is because the core of the target has a superfluid leak that the target group was never able to identify, so this target is not easily available to Hall B in any case. Related to this, MD asked if re-using the Hall B target was still an option. C.K. said yes, but refurbishing it will take about a year of full work, and he prefers to built a new target better adapted to Hall D and improved by his experience on building and operating the Hall B target.
    • Funding:
      • Most convenient would be to build it under JLab capital equipment. This has to be discussed with Eugene and Rolf.
      • Another possible source is to ask for a NSF grant (Justin).
      • Target Group manpower is available without cost.
      • Due to EU preference, Simon has little hope he can get funding for anything beside manpower salary.
    • Manpower:
      • Mostly target group.
      • CK welcome postdoc or student help from universities. He already have a ODU student (Sebastian Kuhn) working on the project.
      • Maybe some university (Justin, Todd Averett, Sebastian Kuhn) can take responsibility for specific self-contained projects.
    • Misc.
      • CK contacted Jonathan Creel to see if the Hall D refrigerator can be used to provide 100-200 liter/day of 4He for the FROST, and if this won't risk to affect the refrigerator stability. Nathan has not responded so CK will contact Tim Whitlatch.


J.S.: Also, FYI from Eugene’s slides at the last CM https://halldweb.jlab.org/DocDB/0044/004458/001/talk_coll_2020_may.pdf he indicated that the FCAL-II insert was a 3 year CE project that started in FY19. With contingency, that probably means they’ll finish spending $$ in FY22. This aligns pretty well with Chris’s projected need for funds in FY22/23 for the beginning of target purchasing. Note: it’s challenging for CE funds to support 2 major projects simultaneously (e.g. DIRC finished before FCAL-II began), so we would be competing with other things projects like KLF, TRD, etc. after FCAL-II. After our meeting tomorrow it would be good to arrange a meeting with Eugene to discuss these scenarios.