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Minutes of the 10/09/2019 HD-GDH meeting

Present: A. Deur, M. Dalton, D. Florjancic, S. Sirca, J. Stevens.

  • A. Deur reported on possible polarized background (see questions in previous minutes). Based on discussion with C. Keith,
    • There should not be any polarized Compton background because the electrons of the 16O and 12C nuclei making the butanol of the target are all spin-paired. The unpaired electron of the hydrogen should also not be polarized because it is shared with the 16O in the OH bound. In principle, there might be a slight polarization of the electrons of 16O and 12C if some those get ionized. The lone remaining electrons will then fully polarized in the direction of the solenoid field. However, this is estimated to be no more than the 104 level
    • There will be no polarized hadronic background because all nucleons in 16O and 12C nuclei are spin-paired.
  • Next meeting will be Monday Oct. 7th, 8am (JLab time) in room A110.