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Minutes of the 11/13/2019 meeting.

Present: M. Dalton, A. Deur, S. Ŝirca, J. Stevens.

  1. AD clarified the question on whether a quark substructure would invalidate the GDH sum rule or not. The answer is in between: a quark substructure may invalidate the sum rule, but that such substructure exists does not guarantee a violation.
  1. MD is implementing the B-H event generator in HD Geant. He is looking into putting a Compton Event Generator two: Two are available (from Richard Jones or from AD).
  1. MD will send a file to SŜ so that he and David F. can get familiar with data structure, analysis etc. (It does not matter if the file is not. relevant to GDH physics and experimental set-up)
  1. Next step for MD is to implement a simplified target.
  1. AD discussed with S. Brodsky and S. Liutti re. testing the GDH sum rule on nuclei and both theorists were very encouraging.