2008 02 15 CDC Task List

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Work that needs to be done to update the CDC documentation:

The starting point for these updates are The GlueX Central Drift Chamber (Document 744 02/07), CDC Design Layout (Document 979 02/08), The CDC High-Voltage Board (Document 928 12/07) and Budget Justifications for the GlueX CDC (Document 764 07/07). We will produce a new document with material lifted from earlier documents and updated.

  • A section detailing the design changes that have been made ove the last year with a description of why they were made.
    • Chamber went from 1.75m to 1.50m
    • Remove the outermost layer to allow cable space.
    • Wire pattern changed because of these changes.
    • Added 2 mil padding between straws.
    • Thinned the material in the down stream endplate.
    • Proof-of-principle plan for mounting the electronics on the plenum

  • Update the geometry section to be compatible with document 949.
  • Update the electronics section to include material from document 928.
    • Include discussion of feed through options. What works now and the option with potted connectors we are now investigating.
  • Update Construction section with more details on alignment during construction as well as a discusion of the measurement of where the wires are located.
  • Include material on track finding and reconstruction in the prototype.
  • Include resolution material from the prototype work
  • Include description of how dE/dx is done and where we are with the prototype.
  • Include discussion of noise reduction and identified issues in the prototype.
  • Include plan of work for the next 6-9 months
  • Include manpower plan for construction?