2012 Offline Computing Schedule

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This page contains the offline computing schedule, updated in preparation for the 2012 Software Review (JLab June 2012).

Activity List

Here is the current version of the activity list, updated for the 2012 Software Review. It is maintained in the svn repository.

The diagram below shows the major components of the offline software. More detailed activities are listed in the spreadsheet found at the link above.

20120125 DataFlow.png

Historic Activity Lists

Offline Computing activity lists were formed some time ago in preparation for building Hall-D. These were entered into a project schedule by the Project Management Group at JLab so the effort could be tracked. It is unclear when the first activity schedule for offline computing appeared, but it does appear in a GlueX note written in 2007 that estimates the manpower needed for Hall-D:

At some point, the schedule for offline computing was moved into the BIA (Baseline Improvement Activities) schedule. This was funded from 6GeV operations funds and tracked for some time until around 2009 or 2010 when they simply stopped tracking it. The last BIA offline computing schedule is still available and a copy can be found here:

Due to details of the funding while this schedule was being tracked, the latest BIA had multiple entries for many of the activities, distributing the resources originally assigned. One set was for FY10, while another was for "outyears". A few had entries that were "frozen", presumably from estimates of work already completed. Some of the values though still did not add up to those in the original schedule (e.g. "Reconstruction Framework"). This would seem to indicate that some completed work was not appearing in the BIA schedule (at least the one given to us).

For the purposes of the current effort of obtaining an updated schedule for the 2012 Software Review, the lines were recombined and the original manpower estimates restored. This was placed in a new spreadsheet and is available in the section above.