2012 Software Review

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The review is intended to assess the overall ability of the software to analyze the data at the time data taking begins. This was a goal that was largely considered to have been sought and achieved by the LHC experiments at CERN. This has not been done previously at JLab while commissioning a new experimental hall.

Original e-mails sent by Rolf and Eugene initially describing the scope can be found here.


The official charge has yet to be determined

Material from 2011 mini-Review

In Spring of 2011 an internal software review was conducted partially as preparation for the external review planned in 2012. Below are links to some of the relevant material from that review.

Hall-D Preparations

Specific plans for Hall-D's preparations for the review are gathered in this section.


Milestones/Data challenges

Contact Info

Hall-D preparations for the review are being organized by:

David Lawrence

Matt Shepherd

Mark Ito