2012 Software Review Planning Meeting: Apr. 13, 2012

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Main Hall-D Software Review Page



  • +1-866-740-1260 : US+Canada
  • +1-303-248-0285 : International
  • then enter participant code: 3421244# (remember the "#").
  • or www.readytalk.com (and code without the #)


  1. Previous Meeting (Apr. 6, 2012)
  2. Status of Review Organization (JLab organizers)
    • Committee (Van Haus(chair), Marchand, McBride, Purske, +1??)
    • Charge
    • Agenda
  3. Time-line for preparations
    • April 10
    • April 13:
      • How many talks each hall will be presenting in the morning session
      • Ideas/suggestion for the parallel session
    • April 23-27 - talk outlines
    • April 30 - Written material for the review (RMP? See Apr. 11 e-mail from Curtis).
    • May 14/15 - First draft of presentations for dry run.
    • May 24/25 or 29/30 - Final talks with timed presentations.
    • June7/8 Software Review at JLab.
  4. Organization of Hall-D preparations for Review
    • Introductory talk (preliminary sildes) with notes.
    • Numbers for the table
      • Software Manpower within collaboration (PDF,ODS)
      • 2012 Offline Computing Schedule (PDF )
      • Computing Resources within the Collaboration (PDF , ODS)
      • Simulation requirements (GRID, CPU, disk space)
      • Reconstruction requirements (tape, CPU, disk)
      • Analysis requirements (offsite transfer bandwidth/volume, CPU/GPU)
    • Software Milestones/Challenges
    • Calibration/Alignment


Attendees: David L., Mark I., Elton S., Curtis M., Matt S.

Status of Review Organization

  • The organizing committee has met and commitments from 4 have been obtained. Rolf is going to ask if they will add 1 more from BaBar or CLEO.
  • Dave took some notes at the meeting and the discussion covered most of what was in those notes.
  • Morning Talks
    • We decided to split the morning session into 2 talks of roughly equal length (~20 minutes each)
    • Curtis will give the introductory talk
    • Mark will give the 2nd talk that lays out the numbers
      • Include slide with enough GRID jargon to prove we know what we're talking about
    • Rolf wanted to be notified by the end of this week (i.e. today) of our plan
  • Afternoon Talks
    • Dave will prepare ~40 minutes worth of slides with the assumption that the committee will interrupt and skip ahead is they want
    • Calibration issues should be included
  • Participation
    • Curtis and Matt will both be there
    • Richard Jones was asked to attend
    • Other names were mentioned (Paul, Kei,...)
    • We should ask for a video link now to allow outside participants if possible

Time-line for preparations

  • Curtis will work up outline for the 2 morning talks so we'll have them by next week

Organization of Hall-D preparations for Review

  • We need to work out numbers and plan for fraction of simulation done offsite and that done onsite
    • Compute resources from universities dedicated to GRID and use as what we expect to get from GRID
    • Curtis will follow up with UConn on compute resources there
    • Matt will send Curtis (and CC Dave) GPU resources at IU
  • Need to start on TDR section that will become written material for reviewers


  • We should add Cyber-security to areas of concern
  • Everyone should review Mark's spreadsheet of computing resource numbers

Action Items

  1. Notify organizers we will want a video link for at least the parallel session (David)
  2. Contact Regina and UConn about local computing resources and resources committed by GlueX to the OSG (Curtis)
  3. Send out GPU resource summary at IU (Matt)
  4. Prepare talk outlines for morning talks (Curtis)
  5. Start preparing TDR section on computing (David + Mark)
  6. Add cyber-security to "Areas of Concern" slide (David)
  7. Review spreadsheet of Hall-D computing numbers (All)