2012 Software Review Planning Meeting: Apr. 20, 2012

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Main Hall-D Software Review Page



  • +1-866-740-1260 : US+Canada
  • +1-303-248-0285 : International
  • then enter participant code: 3421244# (remember the "#").
  • or www.readytalk.com (and code without the #)


  1. Previous Meeting (Apr. 13, 2012)
  2. Status of Review Organization (JLab organizers)
    • Committee (Van Haus(chair), Marchand, McBride, Purske, +1??)
    • Charge
    • Agenda
  3. Time-line for preparations
  4. Organization of Hall-D preparations for Review
    • Introductory talk (preliminary sildes) with notes.
    • Numbers for the table
      • Software Manpower within collaboration (PDF,ODS)
      • 2012 Offline Computing Schedule (PDF )
      • Computing Resources within the Collaboration (PDF , ODS)
      • Simulation requirements (GRID, CPU, disk space)
      • Reconstruction requirements (tape, CPU, disk)
      • Analysis requirements (offsite transfer bandwidth/volume, CPU/GPU)
    • Software Milestones/Challenges
    • Calibration/Alignment


Attendees: Mark I., David L., Eugene C., Matt S., Curtis M.

Review of last week's Action Items

  • No info yet on Regina Compute resources



  • There was some minor discussion on the slide outlines that were circulated earlier. Matt suggested that for the afternoon talk, we could refer back to the flowchart between collections of related topics to provide a better sense of flow.
  • For the morning talk, need numbers on:
    • how many channels will be analyzed
    • how many events per channel
    • ...
  • Events will need full analysis prior to skim

Written Documentation

  • Document for reviewers should be 10-15 pages
  • TDR will likely be larger
    • Important to capture numbers and how we got them in TDR
  • Each section should contain summary of where we are and what else is needed
  • Identify where manpower is applied
  • Consider stealing Matt's intro from PAC proposal for the text on rates

Action Items

  1. Re-ping Regina on compute resources (Curtis)
  2. Review Spreadsheet (All)
  3. Review simulation numbers( Requirements, onsite/offsite) (Mark and David)
  4. Modify spreadsheet to calculate M.C. times separately rather than via ratio (Mark)
  5. Check with other halls on their plans for data backups (David)