2012 Software Review Planning Meeting: Feb. 10, 2012

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Attendees: David L., Mark I., Curtis M., Matt S.

Status of Review Organization

David reminded everyone of what he reported a the the bi-weekly collab. meeting earlier in the week. Specifically, that he spoke briefly with Chip and encouraged him to not include the online in the Software Review as it might dilute the effectiveness by including far too much material. Chip was a little vague stating that the focus was clearly on the offline, but that the online would also be included.

David speculated that Chip may be taking a narrower view of the online that does not include things like read-out-lists, EPICS GUIs and archivers, etc. Curtis pointed out that those things should be covered by the 12GeV project schedule, but the offline is not, which seems to have been a large motivation for this review.

Multi-hall software collaboration effort

We discussed the two meetings that occurred at JLab earlier this week between Halls B and D. The first dealt directly with tracking code. The second with JANA and CLARA. Hall-B was interested in a joint development project where code from common tools could be used by both halls. The consensus from Hall-D folks seems to be that this turns out to be very difficult in that a majority of the effort that goes into tracking turns out to be detector specific.

Software Manpower within collaboration

Offline Computing Schedule

Software Milestones/Challenges

No action has occurred in this area

Action Items